4 Steps To Take When Your Supermarket's Refrigeration Case Stops Working

When you own a supermarket, keeping everything fresh and ready for customers is important. You do not want to sell spoiled or damaged goods to your customers because that would cause them to get upset and go to another supermarket instead of the one you operate. Because it is necessary to sell fresh, non-damaged items to your customers, you need to know what to do when one of your refrigeration cases breaks down on you. By taking the right steps, you can avoid profit loss, keep your customers satisfied with their purchases, and get your equipment fixed at a faster pace.

Transport Items to a Different Refrigeration Case

When you notice there is something wrong with one of your refrigeration cases, get your employees to transport items from the damaged case to another case inside the supermarket. You should have several refrigeration cases available to use, some of which should have enough space for the items you need to quickly transport.

Hire a Professional to Inspect the Case

Waste no time contacting a professional who regularly inspects commercial appliances for damage. The professional can visit your supermarket, carefully look at the different components, and tell you what is wrong with your refrigeration case. There is a good chance that you need to have certain parts replaced because they are overworked and damaged.

Purchase Supermarket Refrigeration Case Parts

When you know which parts are damaged, you can purchase supermarket refrigeration case parts to replace them. Companies provide commercial appliance parts that often need replacing over time, such as the following:

  • Gaskets
  • Thermometers
  • Defrost heaters
  • Spring hinges

No matter which parts you need to get your refrigeration case back in good working condition, the company that sells these appliance parts should have what you need. You can even search for the parts based on the brand and model of the refrigeration case that you currently have inside your supermarket.

Get the Refrigeration Case Repaired

After purchasing the parts for your refrigeration case, let the appliance repair expert remove those damaged parts and carefully install the new parts that you have purchased. A repair expert may finish the job within a few hours, and that means you can get back to using that refrigeration case in no time.

If you own a supermarket and a refrigeration case stops working, quickly transfer food items to a different refrigeration case and then call for help. You need to find out what is wrong with the case and purchase the proper parts needed to fix it.

To learn more or to buy supermarket refrigeration case parts, contact a supplier.

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