How To Maintain The Suction On Your New Vacuum

Buying a new vacuum means having access to great suction for the home's carpets and upholstery. You likely upgraded to a new vacuum in the first place because your older vacuum wasn't performing the way it should.

The average vacuum cleaner lasts around eight years. Yours may last longer or reach its peak a few years sooner depending on how often you vacuum, the type of vacuum you have, and whether you are cleaning up after kids and pets. Maintaining the suction on vacuums is what makes them more desirable. Follow this guide to help you get the most out of your investment in a new vacuum by keeping the suction strong.

Stay away from liquids

Vacuums that aren't designed to suck up liquids — the way shop vacs or wet/dry vacuums are — should not be used to clean up water or any liquids. Keep your vacuum away from moisture, including damp floors, to help keep its suction going strong.

If you expose your vacuum to moisture, what happens is this: the dust and debris caught up in the filter of your vacuum can become dried and caked inside the unit, compromising ventilation and suction over time. If your new vacuum is exposed to moisture, take it to your appliance specialist or a vacuum repair shop for inspection.

Stay away from large items

Just because your vacuum can suck up larger items doesn't mean it should. Vacuums are designed to suck up hair, dander, dust, and smaller debris, not larger pieces of paper, crumbs, food particles, or heavier objects. Larger items can get stuck in the vacuum hose or in the waste container and cause suction to become less strong.

Stay away from fine powders

On the other end of the spectrum, you also want to avoid vacuuming fine powders. Fine powders like flour can also clog up a vacuum's filter and cause suction loss. To prevent suction loss due to dust and other fine materials, clean out the vacuum filter after every use. Always clean out a vacuum filter outdoors so you prevent the spread of allergens and dust into the air.

You vacuum should be appropriate for your home's needs; if you have pets, invest in a hypo-allergenic pet hair and dander vacuum. If you have small children, your vacuum should have several attachments for easy custom cleaning around the home. In some cases, having multiple vacuums is best to keep the home clean.

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