Dishwasher On Strike? How To Get It Working Again

Your dishwasher does a lot of work throughout its lifetime. Every dish from breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even those midnight snacks are all being washed by your dishwasher. Throughout its lifetime your dishwasher may have done thousands of loads of dishes, and you've skipped out on doing all of those dishes. That time saving you've done over the years is not something you want to give up on, so you're going to want to get your dishwasher working again. Read on for tips to get your dishwasher running properly.

Check For Power

Check that your dishwasher has power going to it if your issue is that the appliance is not turning on. Your dishwasher plugs into an outlet, so follow the cord and check that it is still plugged in. If it is plugged in and still doesn't have power, check that the fuse hasn't blown or that the outlet hasn't gone bad. Check your fuse box, then use a multimeter on the outlet itself. You can also plug the dishwasher into a different outlet to be sure your power cord hasn't gone bad and to narrow down the issue. If power isn't the problem, it could be a different issue.

Check Your Water Supply

If your water supply is not coming in, your dishwasher isn't going to run properly. If your dishwasher is not cleaning your dishes properly, it may be because you have a lack of water. Take a look at the connections going to your dishwasher to be sure you don't have a leak or a clog. Unhook the hoses and check the water lines for any issues. If you have a water supply and don't have a clog in the supply line, the issue could be with the sprayers being clogged. Clean out the sprayer arms using a toothpick or soak them to remove the calcium buildup.

Check The Drain

If your dishwasher isn't draining, it could be due to a clog in the drain. Remove the filters in the machine and check for any particles left in the filters or in the bottom of the tub itself. If you don't see anything in the filter or the bottom of the washtub, it may be something in your drainage line. You can attempt to use a drain cleaning product in the drain to see if this helps, or you may need to snake the drain.

If your dishwasher has suddenly gone on strike, it is going to give you a bit more work to do in your already busy schedule. Call an appliance repair professional for help repairing this or any other appliance that has stopped working.

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