Top Benefits Of Front Loading Washers

A washer is one of the most useful appliances in a home, and many people do several loads of laundry a week. If you are planning on buying a new washer soon, you may be on the fence about whether to purchase a top loading washer or a front loading washer. For many households, a front loading washer is the better option. Today's front loading washers have a number of advantages over traditional top loading washers, making them an excellent option, especially for families. Some of the top benefits of front loading washers include:

Large Capacity

Traditional top loading washers typically have an impeller or agitator in the middle of the drum inside the washer, which limits how much the washer can hold. This can make it difficult to do large loads of laundry or wash bulky items, such as a comforter for a bed. One of the reasons that front loading washers have become increasingly popular is because they usually have a larger capacity than their top loading counterparts. A front loading washer does not have an impeller or agitator, so there is a lot more room for laundry. Being able to do larger loads of laundry reduces the number of loads that need to be done each week.

Superior Energy Efficiency

In this day and age, many people take energy efficiency into account when buying a new appliance. One of the great things about front loading washers is the fact that they are energy-efficient. Front loading washers are specifically designed to use less power to run each load. In addition, a front loading washer uses a fraction of the amount of water that a top loading washer uses for each load of laundry. When you have a front loading washer, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that your household is using less water and energy in order to launder your clothing.

Gentle on Clothing

One of the downsides of a traditional top loading washer with an agitator is the fact that the washing cycle can be quite rough on clothing, resulting in the clothing wearing out and needing to be replaced faster. Since front loading washers do not have agitators, each washing cycle is much gentler on clothing. Purchasing a quality front loading washer is an easy way to ensure that your family's clothing lasts as long as possible before needing to be replaced.

To learn more about washers, contact a local appliance store.

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