The Basics Of 3 Types Of BBQ Grills

Do you want to buy a BBQ grill but feel a bit confused about which one to get? You'll want to know more about your options so that you can be sure to buy the best one.

Charcoal Grills

Many people love using a charcoal grill because of the taste that it adds to the food they cook. However, it can be a bit of work to use and maintain a charcoal grill. A good accessory to have on hand with a charcoal grill is a chimney, which lets you easily heat the charcoal briquettes when you want to cook. 

There are also different types of charcoal grills out there that you can pick from. The most iconic form of a charcoal grill is a kettle grill, which has a round body used for cooking. However, there are also offset grills that allow you to smoke your food, as well as ceramic grills that do a great job of retaining smoke and heat. 

Gas Grills

Gas BBQ grills are popular among people that want their grill to heat up quickly. It can be powered by a propane tank that is attached directly to the grill, or natural gas that powers the grill directly from the gas line in your home. If you want a gas grill that offers a bit more than the grill itself, there are grills that have burners on the side that allow you to use the grill like a stovetop. There are also combo grills.

Gas grills are fairly cheap when compared to the types of grills out there, and are easy to use since they light up in just a few seconds. However, installing a gas line to your grill can be expensive, and propane tanks can run out without warning if you are not keeping an eye on how much propane you have left. 

Pellet Grills 

A pellet grill uses hardwood pellets that give your food a unique flavor for smoking meats. It works by filling a hopper with hardwood pellets and feeding those pellets into the grill as needed. One thing to keep in mind is that this type of grill uses electricity so that the hopper can operate, so you must use it in a place where you have access to electricity. 

One concern with a pellet grill is that the pellets can deteriorate over time, so you may need to replace the pellets if you do not use your grill that often. A pellet grill is not great at searing food either since its specialty is even cooking. 

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The Basics Of 3 Types Of BBQ Grills
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Do you want to buy a BBQ grill but feel a bit confused about which one to get? You'll want to know more about your options so that you can be sure to